Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Healthier Me, Healthier Family: Week 3- Picking Up and Running With it

How did I do?
This week with everything crawling back into a normal schedule, and making sure I added yoga and walking everyday. I feel success. My Monday weigh in was 181 pounds. 30 Pounds to go for my first goal. Two pounds to loose this week to meet my beginning February goal. If I can keep this up, I will reach my goal for the end of the year in 15 weeks. I feel a small sense of success!

The Journey:
After last week's flop of eating and not exercising, I decided to be more committed to the plan. Also Morvin has decided to step in as my gentle trainer. He goes with me on walks to make sure I get the "full walk in." I am walking about 3/4 of a mile a day at this point, doing yoga 2 times a week. (I need to do it today) and trying to work in a boot camp or aerobic exercise at least once a week. Thank you NetFlix.

I have learned that if I do all of this I can still satisfy my sweet tooth in moderation. I have also boycotted making sweet tea and keeping around the house, because then I am the one to drink most of it.

Now, back to organization... I am still not organized, my brain is scattered and my kids pick up on it and knock me down when I am the most weak. On that note, I feel that I have too much on my plate, so I am going to start this week with organizing my tasks.

This Week's Goal:
Weight: See the 170's by loosing 2 pounds.

Exercise: Keep focused, 3 videos a week (2 yoga, 1 aerobic/strength) Continue to walk 3/4 a mile daily.

Food: Trying to have the big meal at the middle of the day, that way I am not going to bed with a heavy meal on my stomach.

Motto: Keep it simple, Don't make any task harder than it should be!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Healthier Me, Healthier Family: Week 2- Dropping the Ball

How did I do?

This week was not a complete failure, but it wasn't a success either. I managed to loose just 1 pound, Weighing in at 183 pounds. However, to be perfectly honest I did not really try and my coach did not push me too hard either.

The Journey:
Last Monday, I was all Gung Ho about this journey. I got the house cleaned, stuff organized, I should be done, Right? Wrong! This week I learned about maintenance, and that it has to be there.

Well, keeping things organized was hard. By Friday I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and didn't do my walking. Saturday, I celebrated my oldest turning 12 and spent most of my day tasting frosting, eating pizza, and a full slice of cake and icecream. Then to top it off, no walk on Saturday either. Guess I should be proud that I lost 1 pound instead of gaining 5!

I learned this week that if I want to loose 2 pounds a week that I will have to WORK at it. I will have to pay attention to what I eat as well as make sure that I get the exercise in DAILY! I learned that maintaining the daily life style is work and keeping focused and organized is essential.

Goals and Plans:
Weight: Loose 2 or more pounds.

Do a double lap on the road increasing walk from half mile to 3/4 mile and do yoga 2 times this week.

Watch calories taken in, eat when hungry, eliminate mindless snacking with drinking water.

Motto: You can do this and more. Push your self to the limit so you can SOAR!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Wayne: A Reflection about a Super Young Man

There is a very special young man in my life. He has been with me longer than anyone else in this family. His birthday was January 14, and I am writing this for him. He has just turned 12 and has brought nothing but joy in my life since the day he was born.

Who is this young man? Well, he is the infant who liked to be held and loved quiet places. He is the supreme artist who started his career at age 2. He is the preschooler who thought deep but struggled to communicate his thoughts. He is the first grader who told me I needed to find a prince and could use his birthday money to buy one at the prince store. He has gone through some radical hair styles to include green mohawks. He is the one person I can count on to try to please me. Mr. Wayne Walker is a smart young man who can always see the best in people and is always caring about others. Even though he has had his struggles, he continues to try.

Through this last year of his life he has managed to handle changes and challenges like a pro. With a change in school environments, he is now soaring with his academics and is learning about life as well.

Although he will always be my baby boy, I cannot wait to see who this young man will grow up to be. I am very proud to say Wayne is my son!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Healthier Me, Healthier Family: Week 1- Letting Go

Have you ever made goals to make a positive change in your life, but then not be willing to make the sacrifices needed to reach that goal because of emotional reasons? This has been my struggle with weight loss throughout the years. I am not a clothes person, but each item in my wardrobe has a story and is hard to get rid of keeping me from getting rid of my "big" pants or hurting my feelings when I have to wear the "skinnier" pants because of the bad story that went with them. So here I am at the beginning of my weight loss adventure again. The baby is born. The time is right, and I FINALLY started off lighter than I started before pregnancy. This is my pre-pregnancy picture, I will try to get a picture for next weeks journey. Yes, I know it is horrible!

The Beginning: Where I am starting
Kohl is now 6 weeks old, I am officially starting my weight loss journey this week. My Monday weigh in was 184 lbs. This starts my journey at 12 lbs lighter than I was pre-pregnancy. The ultimate goal is to be under 150 lbs by the end of December or in a size 10.

This Week's Journey:
Over the weekend, I took the first emotional step to this journey. I tried on every piece of clothing I owned. If it fit right, looked good, and had no story it was kept. If it did not look right, fit, or had a bad story, into the give away bin it went. I even used my husband as the test of look right. Yes, ladies, I asked his honest opinion, then looked closely at him to see how honest he was being! Being nice and saying, "It looks ok." is honest, but not brutally honest. So, I watched his eyes. And I am happy to say in all my old clothes, I have some "eye popping" outfits!

This week I learned, that this healthier me is not just going to be about the food and movement, but also about the ridding myself of the negative.

This Week's Goal:
Journey: Continue to purge as I work on organizing the house. I figure if I can keep the house organized, then maybe my life will be more organized and I will be a little happier.
Food: Vegetarian (mostly): Big meal- Egg Plant Parmesan, without frying the egg plant. Not the healthiest but the majority of the week is salad and items that revolve around black beans and avocado.
Exercise: Walk the drive daily (if raining a 30 minute Netflix work out)
Weight: Down 2 more pounds (182), I want to be 179 by Feb1.