Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And the Thunder Rolls!

Tonight Eve heard the thunder as it started to rumble in a storm. She immediately stuck out her bottom lip and said, "Daddy, no boom! No Boom, Daddy!" Morvin not knowing what she said looked at me. When I asked her if she heard a boom, she said, "Boom scary me!" Meanwhile, her bottom lip was so far out that Morvin and I couldn't help but laugh. I explained to her the thunder was just telling the garden that water was coming.

So after her shower, we sat and looked at the clouds and talked about thunder "scary boom" and how it lets the plants know they are going to get water. I know it is not necessarily the most scientifically sound information but it is a good start to cloud recognition and rain in thunderstorms. Hopefully, it will make the "booms" less scary!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meeting Lil Bugger

Today is one of my favorite days in pregnancy. IT is the first time I get to meet the little one and see what is in store. When we found out about 4-5 weeks ago, we were excited and nervous. We have gone through random sickness, dizziness, and just general blahs. And now, we have seen the little one.

As with all my kids, I make a guess with in 2 weeks of finding out I am expecting on whether or not it is a boy or girl. With this one, I have a strong feeling it is a little boy. Another tradition is letting the technician of the ultrasound give the baby a nickname. This one's nickname is Bugger. The tech said, "The lil bugger is moving around a lot." Morvin also said, "The lil bugger looks like he is jumping." With Evelyn, it was peanut, and with Wayne it was tadpole.

Today the baby measured at 10 weeks 3 days, with a due date of November 26. He had a heart rate of 167 which we were told was normal. As we watched, he was just jumping and playing around. Lil Bugger has two arms and hands, and two feet, the toes are just growing and according to various websites, he is only 1 and half inches long.

Wayne's response was "Only one, cool!" and to the nickname, "Is that appropriate, Mom?" Eve's response was "Baby!"