Friday, August 26, 2011

All the modes of Transportation to get to Costa Rica!

Planes, Trains, Boats, Buses, and Cars All to get to Costa Rica:

The last night we were in Florida, the family went to see Blue Man Group. It was pretty awesome; we had front row seats just behind the splash zone. Wayne really enjoyed the show. He was even waving at them when they got close and trying to get their attention. At the end of the show, Eve was pretty overwhelmed, but managed to make it through. While Eve and I waited outside, Wayne asked a Blue Man for his autograph and got his picture taken with him.

Later that night we discovered that one of our suitcases had broken, and Morvin had to make a late night run to the store to get a new bag! We finally finished packing up the hotel around 12:00 and lay down to sleep. Around 1:30 Eve had started to scream, and continued to scream about every hour until around 4:30. Our alarm clock went off at 5:45 needless to say we were really tired.

After overcoming sleep deprivation, eating, and herding kids out the door, we managed to leave the hotel by 6:45 and arrive at the airport around 7:15. By the time Morvin returned the car and we got to check in it was 8:00. We made it through TSA easily, the Orlando airport is even testing kids not having to take off their shoes to make the airport check even easier on families.

Our plane boarded on time, and we had plenty of room in our seats. The kids even enjoyed an in flight movie. Eve also enjoyed a nap. We flew to Costa Rica on Jet Blue, and their service was great. The landing was really scary as we were making our decent but the pilot did a great job actually landing.

After our arrival to Costa Rica, our transport picked us up at the airport and took us to the ferry. By this time, we were all tired, and looking for real food! We ate some food off the ferry, and the kids and Morvin enjoyed the ride and scenery. Kohl and I not so much, so we stayed inside and tried to rest. The rocking of the boat would seem to be nice, but it was not the best most comfortable ride.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mommy's Project 52: 4 Dirty

Define Irony: Reading this weeks Mommy's project 52 assignment right after your 2 year old announces to the world "I poo in pool, Daddy!" After further investigation sure enough, that is what she did in our little pool at the rental house in Costa Rica. To top off the "Dirty" post. It was daddy who had the "Dirty Job" of extracting the poo from the pool! Mental note: Do not let your toddler skinny dip if you don't want poo in your pool!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Family Adventure 2011 Part 1: Orlando

Orlando was not as sunny as we expected, but we did manage to find some pretty cool places to hang out. Our first family stop was Reptile World Serpentarium. I would suggest this location to anyone! Our family was able to go for under $40 and that was with leaving a tip from the show and buying waters and souvenirs.

Eve's favorite part was was the turtles, she could sit and watch them all day. Both kids fed the turtles. They had both turtles and tortoises. She liked seeing them swim and eat. She would even take time to talk about them with her baby. The baby went with her everywhere!

After looking around at all the different snakes, lizards, and turtles; we enjoyed watching them milk the snakes for venom. We happened to see a big milking with 5 different snakes, two of each species. After that presentation was over everyone in the family got to hold a king snake. It was beautiful, even Eve inched her hand over to feel him!

That same day we also explored Wonderworks. The one in
Orlando was average. We went because we enjoyed the one in Pigeon Forge ALOT! If you haven't been it is a hands on science museum with an entertainment twist. Wayne, Morvin, and Eve experienced what it would be like to be eating in a diner with a 5.7 (on the Richter Scale) Earthquake. Neither of the kids enjoyed it. Dad and Eve also enjoyed the bubble area where they could make big bubbles. It was after Eve's bed time, so she was very tired on this part of our trip!

On Saturday, Wayne and I started the day with a little bit of Math school work on the hotel patio. We found a giant
caterpillar that seemed to quickly become our work mascot. When we finished we left for a picnic and a visit to Orlando Science Center. This is a giant 4 story hands on science museum with anything from digging for dinosaurs to picking oranges, and lots in between. Our favorite part was the "Digging for Dinosaurs" exhibit. It took Eve a few minutes to over come how big they were and related the dinosaurs to the one's she has seen on her favorite television show, Dinosaur Train. Eve and Wayne both enjoyed pretending to be paleontologists and digging for dino bones. They also got to experiment with magnets, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, waves, sound, electricity, vehicles, a grocery store, balancing, and water canal.

Today, Eve and I have had a fairly relaxing day as we walked to get her some Orlando suvenirs and then repacked. The boys went back to Wonderworks to do the rope climbing and 4 D theater. Eve made sure that she could find all the proper hiding places in the room for a toddler then enjoyed her vegetarian lunch (her choice) of avocado, fruit and cheese. She is our avocado princess. Overall, we have had a very busy and fun 3 days. We still have the Blue Man Group to see tonight and a safe departure from the airport tomorrow to our next destination. I would say our Family Adventure has gotten off on the right foot!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mommy's Project 52:3 Challenging


Packing 2 children, 1 man and one pregnant woman for a 2 week vacation which includes a trip out of the country, and then traveling with said family and trying to maintain a schedule! Oh, and don't forget your Thursday blog that is done at midnight on Friday/ Saturday! Can you do it????

Pics will be added at a later date!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Removing the Myth of Homeschooling

As all of my friends head back to school, I start to get a little bit of nostalgia and wonder whether or not my choice to resign at the end of last school year was the right one. Right now, I could be decorating my classroom, preparing my lists, and doing last minute items to help prepare to meet the crew. Even better, to prepare to handle the group I had last year and move them even more!

However, I am not doing that. Instead, I am stuck at home, with my own two children, being one of THOSE moms. You know them, one of those mom’s who are scared of what their kids might learn in public school (is my child going to be challenged, what will other students teach my kid, etc). One of those mom’s whose whole life revolves around the kitchen and crafts. (Looking around then whispering)… one of those mom’s who wears a jumper and dresses her children in matching clothes.

Ok, really, I am not nor will I ever be one of those moms. This blog is really about putting all of those homeschooling stereotypes to rest, and let the world look at what this “transition” mom is doing.

  1. I am NOT the traditional homeschool mom. My school is not based on religious beliefs and focused around prayer. Yes, we do this, but not during school! My school is not STANDARDS BASED and focused on a test at the end of the year. (Gasp, a teacher really said this?)
  2. I do NOT spend hours in the kitchen, wear a jumper or match my kiddos. I also do not focus on cleaning the house. During school, we focus on learning something new, all of us!
  3. I am NOT isolating my children or preventing them from experiencing what other kids experience.

Off the I am NOT stance, this is what we accomplish during the day:

  1. We learn time management. This is your schedule, you will have this finished or it will be homework. (Yes, even homeschoolers can have homework!)
  2. We learn, I CAN, and I WILL. I do not accept less than the best from my children (nor did I from my students) and send him back to correct it when it is not right.
  3. We blog, facebook, and plan events to share what we have learned. This puts the control in my kids hands, and makes them have control over their learning and who they share with.
  4. We set goals: Goals for what we want to learn, what we want to do, and who we want to become.

Ultimately, we focus on the skills he is ready to work on and needs to be successful in life. Life is full of questions and discoveries and we spend time fostering it.

Mommy's Project 52: 2 Silly


We love silly,

and do silly everyday.

From playing and coloring

to changing into Smurfs

Silly is just the way we like to be.

Even when Daddy has a headache,

He is silly, too!

We like Silly!