Monday, April 30, 2012

Recognizing Metamorphisis!

        I have often as a child sat and dreamed of what my life would be like as an adult.  Although, I can safely say, that I have not accomplished all I sat out to accomplish, and am nowhere near what type of person I thought I would be.  This morning, I had a revelation.  This revelation was not profound by any nature to the average person, but was by far the most profound thing I have experienced. 
        I spent many of my early adult years avoiding what I have become.  In fact if anyone would have implied that I would come anywhere near this person I would have screamed.   To put it to you bluntly, the adult I have become is probably a surprise to everyone, but most of all me!
        As my wise Grandma predicted, it all started with the right man.  There were men before him, but once the right man came into my life, I slowly started to morph into this new woman.  It started with paying a little more attention to cleanliness.  Yes I said a little more attention.  Then it turned into wanting to spend time with my family instead of my career.  I truly wanted to spend just about every waking moment with my children and husband.  Finally slowly, major life decisions were being made, so with confidence and others with total fear.  It seems like just yesterday, I was an angry single mom who taught school and went out drinking to wash away her life. 
         Today, I had a moment.  I had a moment when I knew that my life had done a complete 180 and for that I am proud and thankful.  Through a slow process with minor changes happening with ease and joy, and some major changes happening with fear and worry, 4 years in the making, this morning I saw for the first time this woman I have become.  It was just as awe inspiring as the great reveals in make over shows.  However, my outer appearance hasn’t received a make over, it was my soul.  I have slowly changed from an ugly caterpillar to a moth (or butterfly) on the inside.    When I saw myself, I cried, laughed and was overwhelmed with a since of pride.
       So now I share this new person with you, my friends and family as I experienced the  reveal.  I woke up this morning not feeling any different, in fact like always, I was kinda dreading Monday.  As always,  I was getting Wayne ready for a successful day of school, feeding Kohl, and encouraging Eve to welcome the world with a smile.  All of this I was taking for granite.  At some point, I found myself on the front porch after laundry had been done (around 8 am) and saw the most beautiful 3 year old in my life catching chickens and hugging and kissing them, a very jubilant 5 month old playing in his positioner, and a studious 12 year old at the kitchen table doing his school work.   I was hanging laundry on the front porch.  It was like I had become June Cleaver!  So, this is what I have become: 
  • ·         I am the mother of 3 wonderful children who light up the world daily.
  • ·         I am the wife of a patient man who loves me despite my flaws.
  • ·         I am a teacher to the most precious gifts from God (my own children).
  • ·         I am the person who does laundry with love and enjoys hanging the laundry on the line.
  • ·         I am a powerful woman who has decided to change the world by living in a more spiritual manner.
  • ·         I am not only a super mom, but I am THE SUPERMOM of my humble abode.
         To my friends and family, you are always welcome to come and visit, just please understand that we will probably be hard at work being inspired in our classroom or living our life to the fullest.  Full of simple things.  Like laundry on the line, learning what it means to use proper grammar at the school table, or chasing the butterflies we released.  Feel free to join in the activities, or enjoy some of your own adventures in our woods or the community around us.  For today and everyday, I am thankful I have been given the time to stop and watch the world spin and the ability to morph into the woman I am today.  Happy growing to all whether in height, weight, or wisdom!