Thursday, July 28, 2011

Loving you, Loving Me

Yes, I realize that the title of this blog is also a title to an ABBA song from Mama Mia! but it is also how my two children have behaved today. I know they love me, I also know they are kids. But for some reason, I feel like my own flesh and blood was abducted by aliens and evil reminisces of them were left in their place.

By the end of today, I wanted to put out Lost and Found posters. Eve, my precious lil angel who never does anything wrong, woke up this morning in a screaming fit and did not want to stop. She was mad at the world and determined to take it out on anyone in her way. Even after being sent back to bed, she still had an aire of you better not mess with me today about her. She hid and did things she knew she shouldn't (like put art on our back door, eat toothpaste, and play with mommy's deodorant). When she would get caught she would look at you with a blank stare, until you told her "no." Then she would scream as if the building was on fire and she was stuck inside. Dear God, thank you for patience today with this darling angel, please return my angel to me as soon as possible because the one who awoke in her room today was not my child.

Hearing the sound of timpani drums in the back of my head, I turn to the 11 year old. Sweet innocent manchild, who I have watched developed into such a bright young man. Gone, disappeared at about 2:30. In his place was an evil look alike that had no brains and could not think. When given simple one step directions, he would do the opposite and then just look at you lost. The poor evil look alike caused my sweet manchild to loose his "tickets" that allow him to spend his evening stemming while playing his wii. With that, the evil twin sulked and stomped like a two year old (typical two year old not the over the top one in the house today) causing him to loose his last ticket and all hope of seeing his favorite NFL players battle out the superbowl on his television as he controlled them with wild flailing. Dear God, You gave me an innocent young child with the eyes to see good in all the world, and a struggle to communicate what he sees, with your help, I have taught him to share emotions. Please help me accept that it is ok for him to be angry and his bed time words to be "I am angry at you. Good Night." Also, please grant him the wisdom to wake up and see tomorrow as a new day!

I am loving the being a full time parent, even when full time means overtime with no pay! I am thankful for the wonderful kids I have, and realize that just as I am not perfect, neither are my kids. I do hope and pray that each day is better than the day before, so here, I offer to other parents my new serenity prayer:
Dear God,
Grant me the COURAGE to help my children see the good in all things and to encourage them to share their feelings. Grant me the PATIENCE to deal with their short comings and constant need of reminding.
Grant me the SERENITY to accept that they are not always going to be happy with me.
and the WISDOM to know when to leave them alone to deal with their feelings and when to help them work them out.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

FDA= Trying to Kill America

Ok, I do not get into politics, I don't like it. All of them are greedy people trying to help out corporate America and making policies to increase ignorance and health issues. I don't like medicine, usually if you take one pill it will cause other ailments and require you to take more pills in which your life will be lived by visiting the pharmacy on a monthly basis. I also could careless about what mainstream society thinks.

To those of you who knew me when I was younger, you would know that this is a 180 in my life. I used to worry about what others thought. Well, that leads to depression and feeling no good enough.

Today, I am crossing a line and getting into "politics" This is my response to the FDA telling a nut company that their walnuts are an illegal drug that has not been approved by the FDA and not safe to have on shelves. See article

Dear FDA,
I once a naive child, thought that it was your job to protect us from poisons and keep our food and medicines safe for human consumption. I once believed that you had our best interest in heart, and wanted us to live healthy lives.

Well, dear sirs, I have grown up. I have raised a child with autism who is effected by the chemicals you declare as food. I have seen my parents and grandparents believe in the miracle drugs their doctors supply, and suffer through the many side effects. I have seen myself and peers gain weight, although we are eating what you say is "healthy." I have read, researched and studied what is in my "food." I have heard the policies put in place to keep the small farmer who produces whole foods out of business so we can all eat your genetically modified science experiments. As Americans, we are the worlds leading country in obesity, autism, and many other ailments. We are no longer nurturing our body with whole foods, but filling our bodies with chemicals.

I ask you and all your wisdom, if Walnuts are the illegal drug today, does that mean that fresh fruits and vegetables are the illegal drug of tomorrow because they help with all kinds of preventatives as any whole food diet would. Would you rather me feed my child the food colored fake "fruits" of a fruit roll up than feed him an apple from a tree? Will having sex with my husband become illegal with out a prescription because it might get my heart rate up and help me maintain a healthy heart, not to mention provide a strong mental well being that will help me be able to avoid depression? Will having a gym membership also require a doctor's prescribed journey? You do know that regular exercise prevents heart disease, can help emotional well being as well as if applied correctly with that balanced diet I talked about before CURE obesity?

Sirs, I ask you. No demand you to stop using your wallets to make decisions about our nations health, before the following two generations are more screwed than the current adult generations, and start making your job what it was intended to be. Control the amount of chemicals in food and make whole foods the number one priority of food, with out the pesticides, gmos, preservatives, and food coloring. Make controlling drugs about optimizing life with less side effects. And allow people and doctors to consider natural remedies first. There have been studies in other countries about how a well balanced chemical free diet has decreased the symptoms of autism and ADHD. I realize that this may cost the country billions of dollars in money from the same people who are putting these chemicals in our bodies, but it will make for a healthier smarter nation. If you continue to choose to try to ban whole natural foods who have scientific evidence to help prevent many of the diseases you are trying to cure, than I will continue to eat them legally or illegally, I will continue to sleep with my husband and have a healthy marriage, I will continue to exercise. I will continue to get healthier, my children will grow up healthier than your grandchildren who you are forcing to have no choice. One day, your lack of wisdom will bite you in the rear, when America is a dying nation, and are unable to care for their elders because they are too sick to care for themselves.

A Concerned Citizen
Worried about Alphabet Soup's Stupidity

Coming soon to a blog near you..... the government's involvement with TSA and forcing Americans to being forced to be exposed physically while also being exposed to Xray... which has also been proven to be harmful to people!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Adventure Begins

For the last 6 years, I have been the teacher to other kids, and spending most of my time and life focusing on their learning. For me, this became quickly a 24- 7 job and left little time for my own family to include my children's education, encouraging their new adventures, and really getting to know them.

With that said, this new adventure has begun and I have to say, I have learned about my own two children than I ever thought I would know. Eve is a very curious young lady who loves to explore with letters, colors, and pattern blocks. She also loves talking to the baby who is coming in November. Wayne is scared of being wrong, so is consistently asking for reassurance. He is learning to ask questions and finding the answers. He has really grown into a love for reading, although he struggles with reading over time. He is constantly seeking ways to be better than he was last time and wants to track his progress.

Homeschooling has begun with a bang. Some of our challenges are scheduling and timing and how to go out and still get things done. We have mastered having fun while exploring, creating fireworks in a bottle, and playing Jenga to gather our attention. Eve has enjoyed picking out what to play with in her learning buckets. Wayne is learning about Earthquakes and Costa Rica as his favorites, and is working on his math skills and reading. He is also hoping to start his own blog, and really loves doing computer work!