Friday, February 24, 2012

Healthier Me, Healthier Family: Week7/8 Back in the 80's?

How did I do?
Ok, today is official weigh in day and I actually have time to blog about it. I back lashed. I have gained a pound and am back in the 180's. This is just the icing on the hermit cake. I have not exercised in 2 weeks and have eaten whenever it felt good.

The Journey:
So, last week I celebrated getting to 179 by eating some icecream, cake and other yummies. Then I hit the baby blues really hard! I did not want to leave my nursing corner or go do anything in the afternoon (my normal exercise time). I also found that I was unable to get most of my chores done during the day and just felt a general blah. I found the worse I felt the less exercise I would get and then the next day I would feel even worse.

I spent the last 4 days trying to pull myself out of the funk so I did not have to go to the doctor to try and address depression. So, I have limited my nursing corner to nursing and pumping (no lingering). I have also made a point to make one small change a day. I guess as I climb out of the funk, the weight will start coming off again. However, mental health is key right now.

This Week's Goal:
Weight/ inches: Loose 2 pounds, Be at 169 by the end of March.

Exercise: Add movement each day until I am back at walking and exercising every day.

Food: Eat only when hungary, avoid eating to satisfy a feeling or mood. When I feel the need to eat because I am bored, try move or drink water.

Motto: Time to celebrate but not too much!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Healthier Me, Healthier Family: Week 6 a New set of 10's

How did I do?
Woohooo! I lost the weight and met my goal FINALLY a week late of 179 pounds. Not to mention that I lost 3 inches.

The Journey:
I tried to stress less, work out more,and drink tons of water. Other then that I really feel the weight gain was related to hormones.

I am super excited about the weight loss, and hope to continue down.

Also changed weigh in days to Fridays.

This Week's Goal:
Weight/ inches: Loose 1 pound, Be at 169 by the end of March.

Exercise: Take a small break and try to get exercising in 3 days this week.

Food: Another Small celebration of goal, and then keep meals small, eat when hungry but healthy choices.

Motto: Time to celebrate but not too much!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Healthier Me, Healthier Family: Week 4&5- Losing on the scales winning in life

How did I do?
The last two weeks have been blah weeks. Week 4 weigh in I did not loose, still at 181. This week's weigh in, I gained 2 pounds so I am back at 183. I ate right last week (except for date night) and I exercised more than ever.

The Journey:
So, I follow the plan and where does that get me, 2 pounds heavier and 4 pounds from where I wanted to be. Big old frowny face. But in my defense, last week was an emotional week. Kohl is not meeting his target weights either (0pposite problem though). So, I have had to change the schedule feedings and bottle supplements to cluster feedings and feeding on demand. The boy has a high metabolism!

Another change was the big meal in the middle of the day. Although this may work for some I found myself eating 2 big meals a day and never really making the transition. Does this mean I packed on the calories?

Along with that, we are starting to feel the pinch of a 1 income family, and a child hitting puberty. Not a very emotionally fit week. The week before, I think my give a crap broke, so I was just going through the motions.

Lessons learned over the last 2 weeks were, if you want it to happen you have to give a crap, and it is as much of an emotional journey as it is a getting healthy physically.

This Week's Goal:
Weight/ inches: Loose the 2 pounds I gained putting me back at 181 and seeing the 170's before the end of February. I measured in this week, and hoping to loose 2 inches a month, total!

Exercise: Keep focused, 3 videos a week (2 yoga, 1 aerobic/strength) Continue to walk 3/4 a mile daily.

Food: Another vegetarian week, with salads, wraps, and Spanish rice as the focus. Staple food: Black beans and avacados!

Motto: Keep a smile on your face, and avoid the "nots" in life....