Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Healthier Me, Healthier Family: Week 6 a New set of 10's

How did I do?
Woohooo! I lost the weight and met my goal FINALLY a week late of 179 pounds. Not to mention that I lost 3 inches.

The Journey:
I tried to stress less, work out more,and drink tons of water. Other then that I really feel the weight gain was related to hormones.

I am super excited about the weight loss, and hope to continue down.

Also changed weigh in days to Fridays.

This Week's Goal:
Weight/ inches: Loose 1 pound, Be at 169 by the end of March.

Exercise: Take a small break and try to get exercising in 3 days this week.

Food: Another Small celebration of goal, and then keep meals small, eat when hungry but healthy choices.

Motto: Time to celebrate but not too much!

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Bonnie said...

Big congratulations!