Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Real Life Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was lost in her own world. Her life was a mess and she wasn’t sure what her future held. She had a special young child that she was responsible for, but when he was with others, she relied on the company of friends and alcohol to keep her going. She really was drowning in no hope and an uncomfortable existence. Her life was a wreck.

At the same time there was a gentleman, living a very long two hours away. He had his whole life together. He had a career he loved and made good money, he had the modified vehicles he liked, and was even in the process of building his own business. Life for him was full of fun and adventure. However, he was missing something. This handsome man who seemed to have everything was longing for a family.

By the influence of some unknown force, this man and this woman crossed paths through an internet website. She was on it for the silly quizzes; he was on it for curiosity and possibly compatibility. He looked at her profile, she emailed him, they talked on the phone for hours, and before long, they were having their first date. As unlikely as these two opposite people were to be compatible, only that unknown force could see it was the perfect match. It somehow made him blind to all her flaws, and made her see that she was worth his spoiling.

One day about six months after knowing each other, she took a leap of faith in him, and left her job and moved closer to where he lived. They both connected in a way neither had experienced before. She quickly became attached and did not want to chance losing something that made her feel so alive, he preceded with caution unsure of how the adventure he was on was going to end. When it began to look as though the story was going to fizzle, the force gave them yet another small push. At just nine months after meeting face to face, this couple (not so young) headed to the chapel and exchanged their vows of love and commitment by a creek in Tennessee.

Today, you can find this wild and reckless woman cleaning house, baking from scratch, teaching her children, and exploring a world that she never dreamed she would be a part of. She is more together, happier, and full of wonder because someone, something, somewhere decided that the perfect man was all she needed.

Be it God or be it Fate, she is thankful for all she has been allowed to become with the love and encouragement of a man who had it all!