Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Greatest Adventure of All...

I am by far the last person to get philosophical; however, over the last couple of weeks, I would like to think I have become wiser to the world around me. I think that with kids should come a sense of humor. Because when the salsa hits the fan (or the other family members), you will have to decide whether to laugh, cry or throw a fit. Luckily for me, I was on the viewing side of events instead of the splashing side. But I have been in the splash zone as well.

Ok, now many of you are wondering what I am talking about. I also understand if you think I have lost my mind. But in our house it is always and adventure and you never know when the next "disaster" will strike. After all we do have a toddler running around like she is a grown woman and an 11 year old who at one minute acts five and the other 80. I pr0omise I will share the salsa moment in this ramble of life.

This week I had the fortunate pleasure of staying home one extra day over the weekend. Thank you old dead presidents! In our extra day, the kids and I baked muffins, watched a movie oh and cleaned up 1000 Popsicle sticks 5 times. Thanks to the aforementioned toddler. We also had lots of fun planting our starter garden which like the children in our home are growing into to nice healthy seedlings.

Throughout the week, we had great family time. However, on Wednesday, my body went into hibernation mode and daddy got to take over the fun. I loved being able to hear him and the kids play while I got some much needed rest. Back on our feet and Mom feeling better, last night we went to one of our new favorite restaurants, Acapulcos. We were dining and having a good conversation, while Eve was getting used to her booster seat (a new big girl step). Eve stood up to get more chips, and pushed the menu across the table bumping the chips into the salsa and the salsa onto Wayne. "And that's what" gave Wayne a salsa bath! Now, mind you the girls are on one side and the boys on another. So, Morvin was in the splash zone and trying to save himself grabbed the falling bowl making it fully splash Wayne with Salsa. The poor boy had it all over. We managed to get through dinner with out too many other messes. All survived and from my point of view it was hilarious.

As with the salsa shower, life brings about some funny and emotional times. This morning, Eve has decided that she is officially ready to potty train. This is a bitter sweet moment. As a mom, I am slightly sad that this is the last phase of my baby girl being a baby. However, I am also very excited for her. She is growing up to be a delightfully stubborn young lady. The sound of a little voice saying "I potty mommy!" as she runs to the bathroom was a bitter sweet moment. She is officially on the path of being a super big girl.

The more time I spend with my two young children, the more I cannot wait for the next adventure with these two tour guides. Taking time to see life through their eyes has opened my eyes and heart to the greater things in life and have allowed me to take time to enjoy the rain and the flowers. Spring is coming fast and the beginning of new life. Our family is also "growing" and looking forward to the changes bringing us a new life style.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Trip to the Bank

We have been trying to get to the bank all week. However, with Wayne's after school clubs, and having to run errands on Tuesday, we have missed it every day. So finally, today, we are geared to leave school early, and head to the bank.

Well, as with any Friday, I got caught up talking to my colleagues. I know shame on me for conversing with peers. So, while the plan was to leave early, I was actually leaving very late.

Wayne and I swing in the farmer's market, yet another Friday errand, and get side tracked by all the fresh produce available. After we purchase milk, snap peas, and eggplant, we rush to the car to go get Eve and then head to the bank.

At the babysitters, we run into another snag. Eve is all happy to get out of the house, but is no where near ready to go to the car. She must first go back in the back yard and play. So after chasing a supercharged toddler around the back yard, we load up the car and head to the bank, FINALLY!

At the bank, we enter with checks in hand, account numbers in phone, and the super charged toddler in tow. She quickly releases my hand to explore this new place, while Wayne is hollering at me (mind you I am only two feet away) about how to fill out his deposit slip. As Eve started emptying the toy basket, Wayne placed the amount on his check. He was depositing $10,105. "Look, Mom, I put zeros in the blanks!" I am not quit sure where he thought he was going to get that much, but I instantly got a new slip and taught a small place value lesson to get the right amount on his slip.

Wayne and I went to the counter with all deposit slips filled out. The wonderful lady, gave Wayne his money to deposit after she was finished with my transaction. I left Wayne at the counter to help Eve clean up the calamity that she had made in the bank, when the lady told Wayne it was his turn. Wayne handed her the deposit slip and just stared at her. The money was still being held tightly in his hand. The lady asked him for the money, and he handed her one of the bills. I reminded him from across the room that he needed to give her all of his money, and he looked at me and then slowly relinquished the money to the baker.

The ladies behind the counter were laughing at my darling children and thought they were just adorable. I, on the other hand, left the bank worn out. Why is it when you mix kids into life, you get an instant comedy?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bucket List Updates

As many of you know, we did away with New Years Resolutions and started with a Bucket List this New Year. We have several goals on it for our family.

I thought I would share the highlights and the updates. Wayne's specific item was to be able to tie his shoes. Although, he cannot keep them tied and still messes up, he does tie them on his own now! He is continually working to make the bows even better.

Eve also had her own personal goal. Her goal is to be potty trained by the end of the year. In her true style, she is getting a head start on this goal by pottying when she just wakes up from her naps and in the morning. She is also loving sitting on the potty and trying. However, she is getting discouraged when she cannot go!

One of our family goals was to read 12 books together. So far we have finished 2. We read a realistic fiction book: Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing. We also read the fantasy by Roald Dahl: James and the Giant Peach. I think it is time for us to read an historical fiction book. Does anyone have any suggestions? We want to hit every genre.

Other goals we are working on are eating healthier, family game nights, and a new food a month.

I would like to give special thanks to my vegan friends, they know who they are, for the encouragement and help as we attack the veggies. I would also like to let my husband know how incredibly wonderful he is for the support in all of our family changes. He takes the new habits and enforces them for us all!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The First Week of Mostly Veggies....

As you all know, we have decided to try to balance our diet! This meant getting my meats down to 5 ounces a day! I usually eat 5 ounces a meal!!! It also meant that both Wayne and Morvin needed to be on a 3000 calorie a day diet. While I only need 1500 calories (Just 500 more calories than Eve).

It has gotten off to a bumpy start with daily prep of veggies and fruits for lunches, but we have managed to cut back our meats and add to our veggies. We even had to go back to the grocery store to buy even more vegetables in the middle of the week.

My biggest changes are the 3 cups of fruits and vegetables that I have been getting a day, and the fact that I no longer drink sweet tea, it has been a water only diet for me. Eve's biggest changes has been a whole food diet with out any chemicals and having to get used to eating different than her friends. Wayne's biggest change is having more food in his lunches and a healthy after school snack.

I will create a recipe page soon and add our favorite recipe from this week! It is our breakfast casserole with veggies added!

The pros to these changes are more energy, better sleep and filling up faster!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Turning into Butterflies

Ten years ago if you would have told me that diet and lifestyle truly effects your mood, attention span, and health. I would have laughed at you. I was slowly spiraling down hill into an unhealthy me full of fast food restaurants and meat and potato meals. I was depressed and full of doom and gloom. On top of it, I was raising a little boy who was struggling on his own to understand a world that he was tuned into in overdrive.
I spent the first years of Wayne's life trying to figure out why his pat was going to be a harder path through life than most. Through this exploration, and many doctor trips we received diagnoses; however, this did not help him with his journey through the world.
Three years ago I met a wonderful man who helped us with this journey from an ugly larva where we not only participated in the Standard American Diet, but also lived the here and now life, into hopefully what will be a beautiful butterfly. The first major changes that Wayne and I made, seemed to make little difference to our health, but a ton of difference to our wallets. It was a simple change, we stopped eating out every night, and started to eat at home. We also completely eliminated all soft drinks. (We do indulge in these items occasionally, but it is very rare.)
After Morvin (the health angel in my life) and I got married, we eliminated meats with hormones or antibiotics. This is especially important to our growing kids. The hormones added to meat can effect us, and what little boy needs estrogen? What little girls need estrogen? Through the hormone free meat, my weight gain had slowed tremendously. Also, we noticed meats from restaurants and a change in taste of meat that has these additives. Slowly we start to see our health change. I also started taking vitamins and supplements so did Wayne.
Our current diet is one that is very close to a whole food diet. If we cannot read what is in our food we do not eat it. We do not purchase or consume foods that have high fructose corn syrup or any food with dyes. The dyes and high fructose corn syrup have been the biggest. It eliminates so much of that is on the grocery shelves for us to eat. However, it is also the greatest difference in how we feel. With this change, Wayne is on the A/B Honor Roll and more attentive in his day to day life. I have also noticed small changes, but still haven't lost the weight. Sometimes, Wayne does get food coloring, whether he is sneaking it or doing it deliberately, but he almost always is sorry that he did and will state that he made a mistake.
We are no where near a beautiful butterfly on our health. However, our metamorphosis has us sticking out some wings and learning to fly away from the Standard American Diet. Our next step is to tackle the Rainbow, and introduce new colors into our diet from the wealth of fruits and vegetables that are out in the world. Our goal is to get to the "healthiest best." We want 7 helpings of fruits or vegetables with 14 different fruits and veggies a day. We are no looking into the food pyramids and what will make a balanced diet. Along with this we are reintroducing our Sunday hikes, and the gym 2-3 nights a week.
Through this all I have learned, that it is not changing your diet that is going to help make a healthy you, it is a change of mindset and a change of ideas that helps changes to diet and lifestyle stay. So instead of making big diet changes and calling it a diet, find one small habit you want to change and start there! Stay tuned to our metamorphosis along with some of our favorite, healthier foods!