Friday, December 30, 2011

Why wasn't I given June Cleaver's Writers?

As I reflect on the last 3 weeks, I have noticed that the writers of June Cleaver's life was not assigned to me.

My life right now revolves around the feeding schedule of a very young infant. When I am not in the middle of feeding our new baby, Kohl, I am trying my hardest to keep up with the house and feeding the other children.

June's writers keep her house immaculate while her children never make messes or talk back. My writers have given me an adventurous boy, who has NO organizational skills, and a very curious toddler whose hero is Curious George. A clean organized house in only a dream in my sitcom.

June is able to pull a gourmet feast out of her oven just as her husband walks in the door. I am lucky to be able to pull a frozen dinner out of the oven warmed all the through these last few days.

June's hair and make up is perfect from the time she wakes until she goes to bed. She is comfortable in heels and a dress. You could not stuff me in a dress, and well when the hell am I supposed to be all dolled up when a shower and brushing my teeth seem like luxuries?

All of this has led me to the conclusion that my writer's have failed me or I am not an average woman but some type of super hero. I spend 1/2 my day feeding a newborn (or pumping). I also manage to keep laundry clean, play Candyland with a toddler, encourage and keep our prepubescent son on a schedule, and feed my family 3 meals a day.

At the end of each day, I have managed to do 3 times as much as June in a whole season. And yet, still there is always
another mess to clean or meal to prepare. This holiday season, we managed along with the welcoming of 2 new family members (Kohl and a puppy) to host Christmas with the extended family, make homemade ornaments, start new traditions and make gifts for each other.

Writers and Producers for June Cleaver and Martha Stewart, move over there is a new breed of mother out there. She may over look the details and all the crafts may be lop sided, but
she does everything with love. Where she falls short, she makes plans to improve. She is the new ring master of her three ring circus performing miracles daily and yet being able to do it with out Valium.
Many thanks to the friends who have called me a Super Woman! In my quest to find June Cleaver, I have learned that I am stronger, more passionate, and freer than June Cleaver, and through all the struggles to be a modern woman, I have found that the roots of our society and being a great Mom and Wife is where it starts. I have a career as an educator and choose to educate my children first and focus on their needs!