Friday, January 28, 2011


This week Eve has been battling RSV. This is a horrible cold that makes it really tough for little ones to breath. From this experience, we have learned that albuterol is not a cure all, Eve likes "pretty hair" and snuggle times in the mornings are the best.

Sunday the Doctor put Eve on Albuterol and it appears that from Sunday on, she only went down hill from there. Monday, breathing got worse and fever started to spike, by Tuesday we had a temperature of 104.5 and an ear infection. The brand new doctor with our pediatric group sent her to the hospital to be admitted. So, a really bad cold, AKA RSV, has turned into a really expensive cold! After an ambulance ride, Eve and I chilled at the hospital Tuesday night, and were released Wednesday finding that she was on the down hill path from this ick. She is still contagious to at risk kids "new babies and really old people" for about 2 weeks. She will be coughing for a while.

However, yesterday, Evesaw me braid my hair and have pretty hair. Since then she has asked to have pretty hair and will sit still until I get two french braids done. I guess in all the mother daughter bonding, she has turned into a priss. I am however, very thankful that I have a little girl on my hands and not a baby girl or it could be alot worse.

The most important lesson RSV has taught us is once the guys are gone from the house, the best thing to do is lay down in bed and cuddle for a good nap! She was quite upset this morning when everyone was up. But shortly after Dad and Wayne left for their jobs (school and work) she looked at me and said, "Mommy bed!" I quickly took her cue and went to cuddle one last time before having to head back to work myself.

I am very thankful that this was not the worst it could be and that God was watching over us enough to help her gather enough strength to pull through like a little champion. However, I am even more regretful that I have to return to work and miss out on the fun with my little girl!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Daze

We have had a very exciting week with cabin fever, sledding, and lock issues. I dreamed of a week of snow days so that I can catch up on work at school and get back into the groove. That did not happen! The first few days were spent having fun,and the last part of the week was spent coping with each other!

Monday was filled with wonder and curiosity of how much it would actually snow. In reality we got about 10 inches. We were headed out for snowball fights and snowmen, when we realized that it was a very fine powdery snow that would not pack! So, dad pulls out the snow board and the knee board for the boat, and we all enjoy time doing winter sports, even Eve and Wayne snowboarded.

All the fun packed into Monday, Tuesday was slightly drab. Eve and I both had a stomach virus so our snow sports days were done. Morvin and Wayne got back out in it and had a blast. Between Eve vomitting, she napped, and I sat looking at my computer trying to work but getting nothing done.

By Wednesday, we were all done with outside sports! The snow was now one giant block of ice, and it was way too cold to even be out in it. This started my days with watching to see if we would go to school tomorrow, and would end with "well school work can wait until tomorrow." Eve and Wayne broke out the rebounder and jumped and raced and yelled and screamed all over the house. By the end of the day, Thing 1 and Thing 2 had destroyed the house, and I had accomplished baking the 3rd cake for Wayne's 2 layer cake!

Thursday honestly was a blur of screaming kids and I can't believe they actually want me to go to work! We finally went out of the house as a family, Morvin had been escaping all week. I learned to drive on ice and what to do if I started sliding. We safely made it to the restaurant. When we got home we had to park the car up the hill by the church and slide down the hill to the house. At the house, I pull the keys out of the diaper bag, and they are my classroom keys! Wayne had packed the wrong keys. It was now 15 degrees outside and we were locked out! Morvin came to our rescue like a true MacGyver he removed the door from the walls and were let in safely to the warmth of our house .

You would think Friday would go much better and at first it did! The kids and I marched up the hill to the car and I headed to work. At work I finally got some of the much needed things done. On the way to get the kids, I had to get Wayne's birthday gifts and had to get some salt for the drive. After I put the two bags of salt in the trunk, I closed it locking my keys in the trunk. After AAA came to my rescue from my recently ingenious plan of keeping the keys safe. We finally made it home for a fairly uneventful night.

Thank, God for our unexpected winter break. Even though it was chaotic and loud. It brought our family closer together and we ultimately were thankful to have each other and all of our fun and excitement.