Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 2 with the kids

I am loving having my children back, but missing my naps! I know this sounds really selfish but there was something to be said about two naps a day, and relaxation. Oh, well, it will be a while before I see that again!

Anyway, the kids are settling into their routines and their expectations. I think Wayne is enjoying the scheduled day with what he has to do laid out for him in an easy check manner. I know Eve is enjoying flipping her chores too. Now if this mama can just get her act together and get her chores done!

We are excited about school starting next week. Wayne is looking at me and saying what are we doing for school today, Mom? already. And Eve is having fun playing with her school toys and getting used to them. She is not quite up to spending 10- 15 minutes with each toy, but the goal is 20 minutes by Christmas!

I am hoping to turn this into our weekly adventure blog, where I reflect on the learning that is happening in the house. This is new to me. I have always worked, and grew up in a house with 2 parents working. I am really looking forward to the success of staying at home, and being responsible for my children's education. I really hope that they are also ready for that adventure!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First weeks of Summer

Ok, yes, I know have have neglected this little thing we call a blog. Life happened, we got busy, and well, I am making myself take the time because I am sure some of you will find this absolutely hilarious at times. Me, I think I am still sighing and asking "why me?"

It all started almost 3 weeks ago after my mom came and got the kiddos for her stint of the summer. Well, she left the obstinate one behind. I am sure not by choice, but because there is no humanly way possible for her to take him with her. Yes, I am speaking of our unborn who will be called Kohl (short for Kohlhund) or Zoey depending of course on what God decides to put be
tween the legs! Well, the Third, because no one likes the name Bugger or Booger, and I went to check to see how well he is growing inside of me. Anyway, I got the pleasure of an extra ultra sound and having to monitor him on the unltra sound for movement because he decided not to let the Doctor listen to him. But up to the machine at all times and arms blocking his heart. Yes, the Third is safe and sound and moving around like a champ, we even saw him Wave the ultrasound machine to go away. I will have to say a chip off the old block, because I do the same to cameras, especially my sister in law who I nickname at times the Paparazzi!

Also in Day one, we tore down the wall that "divided" the kitchen from the liv
ing room, if you want to call that little growth a wall and began remodeling. Now, I love Morvin very much, but an employee of his, I could not be. You see Morvin works on this little thing he calls a schedule, and if we are close to deadlines, we should move faster and if we are ahead of the deadline, well keep up the fast work! And well, I work on this little thing called Summer Vacation, if my eyelids say it is nap time, then I need to take a nap, and if my stomach is hungry I need to eat, and If I feel like painting, I might get around to painting. Anyone else see the flaw in how we handle this project? Well, the walls are mudded and taped, and remudded and primed and painted, thanks to me! And well they were sanded, and trimmed, and the floor put down, and the "activity center" hung, thanks to him! We are almost done, once he gets all of the trim finished, I can hang the bulletin board, and well then the furniture back in and we will have a homeschool classroom/ Kids living room! Yay, us! We did it with very little fuss.

Also, while the little angels, as we like to call our kids (while they are gone or asleep), are away, we have also been fighting off this renegade night animal who thinks our chickens should be his main dish while we sleep. This has brought Morvin to the realization that his wife only likes the pretty things in life, (oooo we got eggs today, look at the art Eve did, etc!) and does not clean up messes ("Um, honey, can you remove the dead chicken from the coop before I get sick?") . Well, I am very proud of myself because I dug deep and took care of something ugly, I (once dreamed of being Dr. Meredith) became a vet today and cleaned, applied medicine and wrapped an injured chicken and its wing. However, I do not think the chicken is nearly as appreciative as it should be!

As I await my journey on a plane, while pregnant, with two kids (on the way back); I still have much to do... putting the living room back together, cleaning the kids rooms, and organizing curriculum. I also have to start actually doing some of the planning and the leg work to get us there! School starts in this house on July 5th, and well, I want to be prepared. I think I am learning that preparing for this is more mental than physical, and quite frankly I am slightly confused how to teach 2 children 10 years apart instead of 25 children who have very little background knowledge. Oh, well, I am an educator, born and well instinctively so, I think it will all work out if I just relax and let my brain tell me what to do!