Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's a Lifestyle

I have noticed that everything I do is not a career or an event or even an activity/ chore.... it's a LIFESTYLE.  The problem is making sure my lifestyle choices match my family's needs.  When I was a public school teacher, it was definitely a lifestyle for me.  I ate slept and breathed school work and trying to figure out how to reach that one tough kiddo.  That lifestyle cost me lots of firsts in both of my oldest two lives.  

Recently, (as in a year ago), I embarked on transitioning from public school teacher to home educator.  When I was in the process of this change (all of last year), I was told that homeschooling wasn't school it was a lifestyle.  I was bound and determined to keep it like my previous lifestyle.  Although, the more I saw what my family needed, the more I started to change how I managed my "school."  This included helping our family find a church, inviting God back into our lives, and doing what the kids needs as opposed to what I thought they were supposed to be doing.  

Now a year later, I have a 12 year old who is on grade level, and learning some serious life lessons (how to help those in need, how to have integrity with all the work he does, and respect for people in charge), a 3 year old who is learning what a schedule and school feels like, and a baby who is teething.  I am learning to embrace the multitasking part of the day and getting house cleaning and school done at the same time!  Today, I found myself embracing this new lifestyle, as I danced a crazy animal dance with Eve while wearing Kohl and still helping Wayne with some of his grammar.  

So, what does the homeschooling lifestyle look like?  That I am not sure about.  At our house it is noisy, chaotic, intense and disciplined!  It looks like a tornado at the end of the day, and feels like we could all use a nap.  However, it can be very rewarding for all involved.  No, not everyday is perfect.  But each day is an adventure that we all learn from!  

Embrace your lifestyle what ever it may be!

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